In recent years, the video format has enjoyed considerable success on virtually all web platforms, but audio is beginning to be one of the most demanded content online, as is the case with podcasts, online radio and other forms of digital audio.

According to Google, “by 2020, American adults are expected to listen to more digital audio content than traditional radio for the first time. As the audio landscape continues to evolve more and more towards the digital channel, marketers have more opportunities to reach their audiences and grab their attention using this proven format.

And to encourage this type of content, Google has announced a new range of audio advertising options for businesses to join this growing digital audio consumption trend, including Audio Mixer, a tool that will make it easier to create audio ads.

Google will now make it easier to create professional audio ads for inclusion in audio streaming, podcast and smart speaker services.

Audio Mixer: Easily create digital audio commercials

Most of us put on background music when we work, take a walk while listening to our favourite podcast or interact with a smart speaker. Google Audio Mixer is a good opportunity to reach your target audience.

“Audio ads are a unique way to reach customers when they are not looking at their device, but when they are still interested in the content and receptive to a brand’s messages,” said Google in its release.

The Audio Mixer allows marketers to load different tracks, including music, sound effects and voice, while having full control over editing to create professional quality audio advertising.

Audio Mixer also allows brands and agencies to add complementary visual creations to be displayed with the audio tracks.

This tool is intuitive and easy to use, regardless of the user’s level of technical expertise. Audio Mixer is now available worldwide on Display & Video 360.

Discover the audio inventory available on the market

Google also wants to make it easier for advertisers to connect with audio publishers and find out what inventory is available for their campaigns. Audio now has its own section in the marketplace, featuring leading partners such as AdsWizz, iHeart, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify and TuneIn, among others.

In addition, this tool also offers specific information on the type of content to distinguish between music, radio and podcast. This inventory is now available to all advertisers on Marketplace.

Google Brand Lift now offers metrics for audio ads

Google Brand Lift is an advertising measurement solution capable of evaluating the impact of advertising campaigns in terms of brand perception: by the end of the year, Brand Lift will also be added to the inventory of audio ads on Google.

With this tool, advertisers will know how audio campaigns influence brand recognition and purchase intent, and will be able to optimize these ads based on the results, in conjunction with the results of video and YouTube campaigns.

Why this is great news to reach your international audience

As an agency specialising in audio / video translation, with skills and experience in SEO / SEM, we believe that companies wishing to develop their brand awareness in foreign markets will finally be able to use audio to set up campaigns and reach potential customers internationally on channels that have been less exploited until now. The LenseUp agency can help you in the implementation of these campaigns.