There are many advantages to using audio guides in museums and tourism. For one, audio guides can provide more context for visitors about the exhibits they are viewing. They can also offer anecdotes and stories about the items on display, which can make the visit more engaging and interesting.

The potential of audio is vast. The trend of audio consumption is only increasing, with more and more people getting into podcasts. In 2022, the majority of the populationis used to consuming podcasts. This is good news for anyone looking to leverage audio in a touristic destination.

What do podcasts and audio guides have in common? Both podcasts and audio guides are designed to be consumed by audiences, who appreciate well-produced audio content. The narration, when done well, can create a magical experience. However, robotic voices are not suitable for an audio guide, as they can be off-putting to listeners. So here are some tips for successful audio guides.

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Podcast and digital audio audiences are on the rise during containment in France.

Consumption of audio content and podcasts explodes during confinement: 46% of French people say they listen to more of them. A new study reveals a 20% increase in digital audio listening thanks to media, with 8 out of 10 French people listening to digital audio compared to 6 out of 10 before confinement. This phenomenon can be explained by the absence of car journeys which used to favour radio but which are now being abandoned in favour of digital.

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