Internet users have a wide range of options for accessing Google results. The Knowledge Panel is one of them. This is the long side rectangle that you can see on the right-hand side of the results page when you perform a search.

This knowledge panel essentially provides you with a summary of information related to your query. Most often, the knowledge panel comes from Wikipedia, especially if you have searched for a general knowledge topic that probably already has an article on that platform. Or a knowledge panel may come from IMDB if your search is for a movie, or any other large information database, so you can get as much information as possible without leaving Google.

It turns out that podcasts are also getting their own knowledge panel. If you type in a query that refers to a podcast, for example “Unsung Science”, you will see a knowledge panel that tells you all about the podcast on the right hand side of your screen. At the time of writing this article, it seems that this feature is not yet available in France.

Podcasts are increasingly popular. This is a boon for the industry, as users who come across the knowledge panel will be interested in the podcast and likely listen to it. It is a testament to the popularity of podcasts that Google is considering including them in its knowledge panels for search results.

Which podcasts are eligible for a Knowledge Panel?

More than 50% of podcasts got a knowledge panel overnight. The RSS feed seems to be the key: sending your feed to Google Podcasts is essential. A few months ago, Google implemented new, stricter rules for podcast feeds.

It seems that podcasts that adhere to these rules have been awarded a knowledge panel.

Do Knowledge Panels always appear when searching on the podcast name?

No. It may not seem like it, but your podcast does have a knowledge panel if it displays on a carousel. For example, you can search for “cooking podcasts” (or whatever category your podcast is in). Hopefully the carousel will then display the knowledge panel.This seems to be related to having an Entity Home that is not on Google Podcasts.

Can I add my podcast episode to the Knowledge Panel?

Nope. You can’t claim it if it wasn’t triggered by the October 12 Google Podcasts Update. So if yours was triggered by something other than the October 12 Google Podcasts update, you can probably claim it. If not, just wait, it will come.

Where does the description of a podcast Knowledge Panel come from?

It comes from the description you provide in your feed. This means that you have full control over the description that appears in your knowledge panel at the moment. So make sure that the description is perfect!

Is it possible to add  content to a podcast Knowledge Panel ?

Yes, if you create an entity home, you can provide additional information beyond what is included in the RSS feed.

By providing this information on the entity homepage and getting matching information from around the web, you will be able to push additional information into your knowledge panel.