TED Tech 2023: Where Technology Meets Culture

This September, the heart of London will be buzzing with the energy of the inaugural TED Tech event. Scheduled for the 18th and 19th, this two-day event is a collaboration between TED and Culture3, promising an immersive experience at the intersection of technology, art, creativity, and culture.

TED Tech 2023 aims to bring together a diverse group of future-focused minds, including artists, builders, technologists, entrepreneurs, and more. The goal? To explore how technology, particularly advances in AI, blockchain, and extended reality, is impacting the issues and ideas shaping our present and future.

A Deep Dive into the Future of Technology

The event promises a rich exploration of the future of technology and its impact on society and culture. Attendees will have the opportunity to lead the way by gaining access to the world’s latest advancements in tech and creative innovation. They will also have the chance to collaborate with experts, challenge their thinking, and connect with leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, designers, and more to build new solutions.

The first day of the event will be dedicated to inspiring TED Talks, connections over lunch, and new discoveries. Attendees will experience TED Talks from up-and-coming world changers, deep-dive idea-based workshops, and an evening reception to wrap up the day and network with other attendees.

The second day will offer a deeper immersion into the topics discussed on day one, including flagship talks from the leaders leveraging technology to shape culture and society. Plus, stimulating workshops, activations, and cultural exhibits focused on how blockchain, AI, and extended reality are changing everything.

A Festival of Creativity and Innovation

TED Tech is not just about technology; it’s also a celebration of creativity and innovation. The event is designed to be a festival of cutting-edge innovations, groundbreaking art, and an exploration of how technology enables a new generation of culture.

The lineup of speakers includes technologists, design visionaries, XR world builders, music technologists, metaverse visionaries, film directors, writers, AI-collaborative artists, digital artists, creative technologists, designers, engineers, language artists, AI researchers, and more.

A Collaboration with Culture3

Culture3, a platform that engages society in the story of a better future, is partnering with TED to create this event. Culture3 believes that while technology paves the road, culture defines the destination. It aims to harness the power of culture to ensure that new technologies deliver progress for all.

The Venue: Southbank Centre, London, UK

The Southbank Centre, the largest arts centre in the UK and one of the nation’s top visitor attractions, will host TED Tech 2023. The Centre exists to present great cultural experiences that bring people together and open up the arts to everyone.

Be a Part of Shaping the Future

TED Tech 2023 is an opportunity to be a part of shaping the future at the intersection of technology and culture. Whether you are a technologist, innovator, cultural leader, futurist, thinker, investor, entrepreneur, artist, executive, activist, or creator, TED Tech 2023 is a home for you. It’s a place to ignite your imagination, challenge your perspectives, and shape the future of the internet.

So, mark your calendars for September 18-19, 2023, and prepare to dive into the future of technology and culture at TED Tech 2023 in London, UK.

Technology and culture are deeply intertwined

Technology and culture are deeply intertwined, each influencing and shaping the other in profound ways. Here are a few reasons why technology is so important for culture:

1. Communication and Connection: Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and connect with each other. Social media platforms, messaging apps, and video conferencing tools have made it possible for people from different cultures to interact and learn from each other, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

2. Access to Information: The internet and digital technologies have made information readily accessible to everyone, regardless of their cultural background. This has led to a democratization of knowledge, enabling people to learn about different cultures, traditions, and perspectives from around the world.

3. Preservation and Promotion of Culture: Technology plays a crucial role in preserving cultural heritage. Digital archiving, virtual reality, and 3D modeling can be used to preserve and recreate historical sites, artifacts, and traditions. Moreover, digital platforms can be used to promote cultural events, arts, and traditions to a global audience.

4. Innovation and Creativity: Technology fuels innovation and creativity, which are key components of culture. From digital art and music to new forms of storytelling and entertainment, technology enables the creation of new cultural expressions and experiences.

5.  Cultural Evolution: Just as culture influences the development and use of technology, technology also shapes culture. As new technologies emerge, they can lead to shifts in cultural norms, values, and behaviors. For example, the rise of smartphones and social media has changed how we interact, work, and spend our leisure time, leading to new cultural practices and norms.

In conclusion, technology plays a vital role in shaping, preserving, and promoting culture. It’s a tool that, when used thoughtfully and responsibly, can help us understand and appreciate the rich tapestry of human cultures around the world.

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